Alternative Realities


In 2009 there were studies done in the United Kingdom proving they had over 4.2 million closed circuit cameras, that’s one for every fourteen people in the UK, over 500,000 cameras are located in London alone. Yet even with the knowledge that our rights are being encroached upon by the government, we as citizens live in a false reality. The average person in NYC in caught on camera over 300 times a day, yet you wouldn’t know it. We have come to fade the cameras into the background after years of being bombarded with the line it’s all for your safety. When does it become too much? Where is the line? Do we even have a say in the matter anymore? These are questions I am endeavoring to confront.
By inserting mirrors, canvases and light reflections into the landscape I am attempting to challenge the viewer’s perception of what is real and what is simply a visual fabrication of the truth. These energies are simply the vessel in which I bring my outlook to the forefront, to have the viewer stop and think, to be disappointed in one aspect and surprised in another.